National Coalition of Public Safety Officers

NCPSO Legal Plan

NCPSO Legal Plan

Peace of Mind and Financial Security for Public Safety Employees

The thousands of men and women who are members of NCPSO, backed with the depth and experience of the 700,000+ membership of CWA, can obtain the benefits of a national legal defense plan covering on-duty incidents involving coalition membership. Coordinated on a national level by the law firm of Morris Polich & Purdy LLP, the NCPSO Legal Plan provides legal representation and indemnity to members who find themselves involved in claims, suits, administrative proceedings or litigation arising from on-duty incidents which are not being defended or indemnified by the members’ public safety organization.

The financial risk of involvement in non-covered litigation, either criminal or civil, can be devastating to a member employee’s personal financial condition. The NCPSO Legal Defense Plan provides a necessary back stop of legal services in the event that official conduct it not indemnified by the members’ employer.

The NCPSO Legal Plan maintains a dedicated team of legal professionals in each member state and jurisdiction. Local counsel is available to attend to the scene of on-duty events, and represent the interests of the member peace officer in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Elements of the Plan

Participating members of the NCPSO Legal Plan are the beneficiaries of numerous services and benefits from National Plan Counsel and each jurisdiction’s local counsel. These plan elements, include:

  1. Access to attorneys, attorney representatives, staff representatives and other professional staff members determined by the Plan Administrator and legal counsel to be necessary to provide services to the member.
  2. Representation at interviews, interrogations, hearings or meetings at the department, division, bureau, city, county, state or district level, including:
    1. Internal Affairs (IA), Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), Inspector General (IG), or other investigations
    2. Pre-disciplinary/pre-termination hearings
    3. Member involved shootings and other critical incidents
    4. In-custody deaths or life threatening injuries
    5. Accidents, while in the performance of duty, resulting in life threatening injuries or death to others
    6. Criminal charges or indictments arising out of the member’s official performance of duty
    7. Civil actions arising out of the member’s official performance of duty if representation is not provided by the employer
    8. Grievances of contract and policy issues
    9. Arbitration hearings
    10. Employee-Management Relations Board hearings
    11. Labor-Management Committees
    12. Labor-Management Boards
    13. Personnel Boards
    14. City Council, County Commission, Boards or Regulatory Agency meetings
    15. Civil Service Boards
    16. POST Commission hearings
    17. Twenty-four (24) hours-per-day, seven (7) days-per-week emergency advice and/or representation to membership from attorneys, attorney representatives, staff representatives and other staff members determined by the Plan Administrator and legal counsel to be necessary to provide services for incidents arising out of, and occurring in the course and scope of their employment.

More Than Just Administrative Coverage

While unusual, it is not unheard of for a public agency to make a determination that a public safety officer was acting “out of policy” and refuse to provide defense or indemnity against criminal or civil claims. The NCPSO Legal Plan fills this gap to provide its public safety membership with peace of mind arising from the certainty that legal entanglements will be defended at no additional cost to the member, and that the member will have an advocate and full representation in all necessary stages of a civil or criminal proceeding.

The NCPSO Legal Plan is also prepared to act as the members’ representative for all local and statewide legislative and political activities pertinent to the public safety officers’ duties. Through its depth and influence, the NCPSO Legal Plan is proactively working to increase the labor position of public safety employees through legislative lobbying, submission of draft legislation, taking a leadership role in enacting a national peace officers’ bill of rights, and public information and education.

For More Information:

For more information about the NCPSO Legal Plan, please contact the following:

Richard P. McCann, J.D.
NCPSO/CWA Plan Administrator
970 Empire Mesa Way
Henderson, Nevada 89011
Office: (702) 431-2677
Fax: (702) 822-2677
Cell: (702) 595-0683

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